Countess Agnes of Dunbar
Agnes Crumplebottom
By right of birth, Lady of Yorick

By right of marriage, Countess of Dunbar

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Darling

House Crumplebottom

Spouse Erik Darling II
Father Simon Crumplebottom
Mother Prudence Crumplebottom

Lady Agnes Darling (née Crumplebottom), Countess of Dunbar (1905-1980) was the eldest child and first born daughter of the 2nd Duke and Duchess of Yorick. She would go on to marry her first cousin in 1932: the Earl of Dunbar. Unfortunately, Agnes was virtually sterile and couldn't bear any children. Nevertheless, the couple was happy and stayed together.


Her Grace Lady Agnes Crumplebottom of Mace (1905-1911)
Her Grace Lady Agnes Crumplebottom of Yorick (1911-1932)
Her Grace Lady Agnes Darling, Countess of Dunbar (1932-1953)
Her Grace Lady Agnes Darling of Dunbar and Yorick (1953-1980)