Sir Albert Coburg
The Honorable Sir Albert Coburg
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Coburg-Gotha
Spouse Victoria Gotha
Issue Victoria Crumplebottom

Father George Coburg (1842-1909)
Mother Emily Coburg (1839-1914)

Sir Albert Coburg-Gotha (1868-1960) was a very wealthy nobleman in the kingdom of Pleasantview. He gained much of his wealth through stocks and bought several shares in many important companies. In 1891, he made a landmark decision by investing in Landgraab Industries. His notoriety and wealth made him legendary throughout SimNation. As a result of his newly found notability, Albert was knighted in 1902.

He ended up gaining a huge amount of influence and even began talks of inter-marrying his daughter Victoria with House Crumplebottom's heir, Lord Robert. The talks failed at first, until the tragic murder of Princess Lolita in 1926. Victoria became a replacement bride for Robert and they married two years later.

Albert sold off his shares in Landgraab Industries for a record §4,000,530 in 1938. He used the money to fund the building of the HMS Amore. The ship was completed in 1947. After the death of his wife Victoria in 1952, he honored the ship for her and renamed it to the "HMS Victoria Amore": however nowadays it's never referred to as such.

Towards the end of his life, Albert's sight began to fail him and his mobility lessened. He permanently moved to a nursing home in 1958, where he would receive visitors. After learning of the death of his granddaughter, Anna Arneson in a car crash, Albert went into shock. He died a few weeks later from heart failure.


Mr. Albert Coburg (1868-1902)
The Honorable Sir Albert Coburg (1902-1960)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Victoria Crumplebottom 19041971Married Lord Robert Crumplebottom. Had issue.