King Alexander of House Goth
Alexander Goth
By right of birth, the King of Pleasantview, Royal Duke of Engelswich, Marquis of Lirion, Earl of Lothring, and Baron of Antwerp
Predecessor Mortimer Goth
Successor Incumbent
Reign 1990-2016-present
House Goth
Spouse Christy Goth
Issue Erasmus Goth Theodore Goth Honorius Goth

Father Mortimer Goth
Mother Bella Goth

Alexander I (1990-2016-present) of House Goth is the current king of Pleasantview.

Early lifeEdit

Crown Prince Alexander was born to Queen Bella Goth and King Mortimer Goth as their second child and only son. It was long expected before his birth that his sister Cassandra Goth would take the throne as queen regnant. As a toddler, Alexander's mother went missing and he went throughout most of his childhood without having a motherly figure. This role was mostly filled by Cassandra.


As early as 2008, Alexander and his father began to search for a possible bride-to-be for Alexander.

Titles & StylesEdit

His Royal Highness Prince Alexander of Engelswich (1990)
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Alexander (1990-2010)
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Alexander, Duke of Engelswich (2010-2016)
His Majesty The King Alexander (2016-present)


Name Birth Death Notes
Crown Prince Erasmus Goth 2012
Prince Theodore Goth 2012
Prince Honorius Goth 2015