Duchess Anna of Agincourt
By right of birth, Lady of Yorick

By right of marriage, Duchess of Agincourt

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Arneson

House Crumplebottom

Spouse Arthur Arneson
Issue Ian Arneson

Father Robert Crumplebottom
Mother Victoria Crumplebottom

Duchess Anna Arneson (née Crumplebottom) (1934-1960) was the second child and youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Yorick. She was not expected to inherit anything and thus lived a much more liberating life than her elder sister Elmira. Later on in her life, she married Lord Arthur, 2nd Duke of Agincourt. The marriage produced a son whom they named Ian. The happy union of the Arnesons was short-lived; Anna and Arthur were both fatally injured in a car crash in the summer of 1960.



Anna Mary Grace Crumplebottom was born May 6th, 1934: three years after her elder sister Elmira. She was raised in a tightly-knit home and was typically overprotected by her mother Victoria. Unlike her sister Elmira, Anna never received tutoring outside her home. Victoria handpicked all of Anna's tutors, or taught her herself. Under her mother's tutelage, Anna learned to speak a native level of German.


In 1952, Anna applied to Sims State University; she promptly received a reply of acceptance. She intended to major in Public Health and sought to become a nurse. However many of these plans did not come into fruition, as Anna met Arthur Arneson.

Anna fell in love with Arthur, and fortunately for her Arthur felt the same way. Both of them dropped out of college and married each other on the spot. The sudden marriage was controversial, but given Arthur's standing in society, the marriage was still received well.

The two were happy together; they were so happy that they decided to bring a child into the world. Ian Arneson was born in 1955 and received much love from both of his parents.


Her Grace Lady Anna Crumplebottom of Mace (1934-1941)
Her Grace Lady Anna Crumplebottom of Yorick (1941-1953)
Her Grace Lady Anna Arneson, Duchess of Agincourt (1953-1960)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lord Ian Arneson 1955Married Princess Rebecca Goth. Had issue.