Lord Bartholomew Goth, 1st Baron of Antwerp
Predecessor None
Successor Victor Goth
Reign 1868-1899
House House Goth
Spouse Ravendancer Goth
Issue Victor Goth Morgana Goth

Lord Bartholowmew Goth, 1st Baron of Antwerp (1839-1899) was the first noble Goth. He grew up in an orphanage inside SimCity, which is also where he would spend his entire childhood. In 1857, he would enlist into the military. Bart gradually rose the military ranks: eventually becoming a Senior Officer in 1867. Grand Duke Henri of SimCity awarded Bart by making him a peer (Baron) in 1868. Bartholomew was allowed to retire thereafter and began the construction of Castle Goth the following year. He was elected to serve in the Council of Kings in 1875 and would serve as a councilor until his death in 1899. He was succeeded by his only son Victor Goth.


Mr. Bartholomew Goth (1839-1868)
The Honorable Lord Bartholomew Goth, 1st Baron of Antwerp (1868-1899)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lord Victor Goth, 2nd Baron of Antwerp 18761946Married Lady Gretle Von Arbor. Had issue.
Lady Morgana Goth 18711935Never married. Died childless.