Queen Bella Goth of Pleasantview
Bella Goth
By right of birth, Lady of Barcelona

By right of marriage, Queen of Pleasantview

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Goth - House Bachelor
Spouse Mortimer Goth
Issue Cassandra Dreamer - Alexander Goth

Father Simis Bachelor
Mother Jocasta Bachelor

Queen Bella Bachelor (née Bachelor) aka The Missing Jewel (1946-???) was the first queen consort of King Mortimer. She went missing in the summer of 1993 and has not been since in SimNation since.

Early lifeEdit

Lady Bella Livia Lucia Bachelor was born to Count Simis and Countess Jocasta in the winter of 1946. As a child, she learned how to speak fluent Spanish and Italian. It was also expected of her (by her mother only) to practice the art of witchcraft.

After a magic spell ended with burning down the Bachelor estate in 1954, Bella stopped practicing her magic, much to the dismay of her mother.


In 1964, she was betrothed to Prince Mortimer of House Goth. Two years later, they were married. In that same year, Jocasta died; it was apparent that her death was a planned suicide. Despite promising her father she wouldn't practice magic again, Bella saved all of Jocasta's belongings and moved them to Castle Goth. She began to practice again, but this time in secret. She only told her brother Michael that she practicing again.

By 1970, Bella had given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Cassandra Goth. While Bella loved Mortimer and Cassandra, she felt a pinging call for adventure. Her time in Castle Goth became more solemn; she was unhappy.

Bella tried to do a variety of activities to perk herself up, however she found herself falling in the same slump her mother did. She attempted suicide in 1981, but was thankfully unsuccessful in her task. Mortimer was so distressed he hired an entire team of caretakers to do Bella's every bidding.

The despaired relationship did begin to make a recovery. Bella even gave birth to another child named Alexander. However, after Alexander's birth, things seemed to take a turn for the worse. She began an affair with the much younger Lord Don Lothario in 1989.


As Bella was scaling the roof of the Lothario home estate, she found a telescope. Intrigued, Bella looked through the telescope for hours until a strange light appeared. Bella has not been seen since.


The Honorable Lady Bella Bachelor of Barcelona (1946-1966)
Her Royal Highness Princess Bella Goth, Duchess of Engelwich (1966-1990)
Her Majesty Queen Bella Goth of Pleasantview (1990-2004)
Considered deceased by 2004


Name Birth Death Notes
Princess Cassandra Goth 1971Married Darren Dreamer. Had issue.
Prince Alexander Goth 1990Married Christy Inada. Had issue.