Princess Cassandra of Pleasantview, Duchess of Gascony
Cassandra Dreamer
By right of birth, Princess of Pleasantview

By right of marriage, Duchess of Gascony

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Dreamer - House Goth
Spouse Darren Dreamer
Issue Serena Dreamer - Darius Dreamer - Drake Dreamer - Hercule Dreamer - Megara Dreamer - Johanna Dreamer

Father Mortimer Goth
Mother Bella Goth

Princess Cassandra Dreamer (née Goth), Duchess of Gascony (1971-present) is the first born child of the now deceased King Mortimer and Queen Bella. She is sister to the current king Alexander and is wife to the current Duke of Gascony: Darren Dreamer. Together, they have six children together.


Early lifeEdit

Cassandra Jocasta Olivia Goth was born in 1971 to the Duke and Duchess of Engelswich at Castle Goth. She grew up comfortably as a princess; in her childhood, she learned how to speak fluent Italian, Spanish, and French. By 1980, she had been betrothed to the son of the Count Lothario.

Around the same time, Bella introduced her daughter to the art of witchcraft. Cassandra fell in love with the arts so much that she continued to practice witchcraft into her old age. She did it partly for the love of the arts, but also because it was a reminder of her abducted mother.


In 1994, Cassandra and Don were planned to be wed. However, Don left Cassandra at the alter, leaving her embarrassed and the entire Goth family shamed. Cassandra pledged to be like her kinsman Morgana Goth and never marry. She planned to stay with this promise, until she met the Duke Darren in 1996.


After seeing each other for nearly 10 years, Cassandra and Darren were married in a very lavish wedding. The marriage produced six children.


Her Royal Highness Princess Cassandra Goth of Engelswich (1971-1990)
Her Royal Highness Princess Cassandra Goth of Pleasantview (1990-2004)
Her Royal Highness Princess Cassandra of Pleasantview, Duchess of Gascony (2004-present)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Serena Dreamer 2005
Lord Darius Dreamer, Marquis of Orleans2007
Lord Drake Dreamer2009
Lady Hercule Dreamer2009
Lord Megara Dreamer2009
Lady Johanna Dreamer2011