Queen Christian Goth of Pleasantview
Christy Goth
By right marriage, the Queen of Pleasantview
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Goth
Spouse Alexander Goth
Issue Erasmus Goth - Honorius Goth

Father Rickon Inada (1959-)
Mother Emma Inada (1965-)

Queen Christian Goth (née Inada) of Pleasantview (1992-present) is the consort to the currently reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Pleasantview. She is the mother of Prince Erasmus and Prince Honorius.


Early lifeEdit

Chisty Ophelia Olive Inada was born in SimCity to a technician and a teacher. She was educated in a local public school. However in secondary school Christy showed extraordinary intellect and was given a full scholarship to Sims State University; she accepted this honor. She graduated with full honors in 2007 and majored in political science.

After collegeEdit

Christy returned home and began to work as a page for a district representative. During this time, she unknowingly met the Duke of Engelswich. The two quickly fell for each other and soon enough Alexander proposed to her. When she accepted his proposal, it was only then that he revealed he was a prince.

Royal lifeEdit

Christian was not well liked by her new family, due to her poor upbringing. The wedding of Christian and Alexander was in relatively poor attendance; Christy's family, and Alexander's immediately family were the only ones to attend. Several of Alexander's extended family members and friends disapproved of the unequal marriage.

Despite this, Christy sought to make herself a better queen. She began to take vigorous etiquette courses and began to shun out her commoner heritage. With her training and charisma, Christian quickly became popular. She further accomplished her goal as queen by birthing two sons for Alexander: Erasmus (2012) and Honorius (2015). She was relatively uneasy about Alexander's alien son Theodore, but soon warmed up to him.

After Mortimer died of natural causes, Christian became the queen consort.


Ms. Christy Inada (1992-2011)
Her Royal Highness Princess Christian Goth, Duchess of Engelwich (2011-2016)
Her Majesty Queen Christian of Pleasantview (2016-present)


Name Birth Death Notes
Crown Prince Erasmus Goth 2012
Prince Honorius Goth 2015