Queen Dowager of Pleasantview
Dina Caliente
By right of birth, Lady of Ancona

By right of marriage, Queen of Pleasantview

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Caliente
Spouse Michael Bachelor, Mortimer Goth, Makoto Caliente
Issue Elisabeth Goth

Father Flamenco Caliente
Mother Nighat Caliente

Queen Dowager Dina Caliente (1979-present) was the second wife of King Mortimer. With Mortimer, Dina gave birth to a healthy daughter named Elisabeth. She would serve as Mortimer's consort until his death in 2016. After Mortimer's death, Dina was granted an annual income and the title of "Queen Dowager" by her step-son Alexander.


The Honorable Lady Dina Caliente of Ancona (1979-2000)
Her Grace Lady Dina Bachelor of Amalfi (2000-2003)
Her Majesty Queen Dina of Pleasantview (2003-2016)
Her Majesty The Queen Dowager Dina of Pleasantview (2016-present)


Name Birth Death Notes
Princess Elisabeth Goth 2005Unmarried. Childless.

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