Duchess Elmira of Yorick
By right of birth, the Duchess of Yorick
Predecessor Robert Crumplebottom
Successor Ian Arneson
Reign 1976-2006
House House Crumplebottom
Spouse Todd Clamp
Father Robert Crumplebottom
Mother Victoria Crumplebottom

Duchess Elmira Clamp (née Crumplebottom) (1931-2006) was a member of the noble House Crumplebottom and was the eldest child of the Duke and the Duchess of Yorick.


Elmira Callidora Crumplebottom was born to (at the time) the Earl and Countess of Mace in 1931. Her birth was celebrated by her grandfather, the Duke Simon, due to Elmira being his first grandchild. The duke was very vehement about making sure Elmira was educated. As a result, Simon placed Elmira under the care of his younger brother, the Earl of Simmerset.

After Simon died in 1941 (when Elmira was 10), Elmira's mother Victoria had her removed from the Earl of Simmerset's home. Victoria home-schooled Elmira from then on. Under Victoria, Elmira learned to speak German (her mother's native tongue), Spanish, and Latin.

As Elmira aged, she became a patron of the arts and mastered playing the violin. Because of this, Académie Le Tour offered her a full scholarship when she turned 18. She agreed and spent four years at the school, eventually gaining a degree in Literature.


Elmira became a full-time writer and engaged herself fully within the arts. However, this left her little time to think about family life and marriage. She became more distant towards her family, particularly her father, as the years waned on.

Her position in the family became much more compromised as she lost four family members in a single year: her remaining grandparents, her younger sister Anna Arneson, and her sister's husband Arthur Arneson. She was given custody of her five year old nephew Ian, much to the chagrin of Arthur Arneson's parents.


After battling Leukemia for a full year, she lost it and died in 2006. She received a state funeral that was attended to by the royal family of Pleasantview.


Her Grace Lady Elmira Crumplebottom of Mace (1931-1941)
Her Grace Lady Elmira Crumplebottom of Yorick (1941-1976)
Her Grace Lady Elmira Crumplebottom, Duchess of Yorick (1976-1985)
Her Grace Lady Elmira Clamp, Duchess of Yorick (1985-2006)