Princess Frida of Sunset Valley
Frida Goth
By right of birth, Princess of Sunset Valley

By right of marriage, Countess of Mayberry

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Goth, House Kahlo
Spouse Diego Kahlo
Issue N/A

Father Victor Goth
Mother Gretle Goth

Princess Frida Kahlo (née Goth) of Sunset Valley, Countess of Mayberry (1903-1979) was the daughter of King Victor and his wife Queen Gretle.


Early lifeEdit

Frida Amelia Gretle Goth was born in 1903 as the second child and eldest daughter to the Baron and Baroness of Antwerp. As a child, she was tutored along with her older brother Gunther by Lirion Crumplebottom. Under his tutelage, she became a master of linguistics. In 1921, she was accepted into Académie Le Tour where she would major in History. During college, she met an Art major named Diego Kahlo. The two fell in love, but kept the relationship a secret due to Diego's commoner status.


After graduating in 1925, Frida returned home to her birthplace Castle Goth. However, she was appalled when she was met with expectation to marry Robert Crumplebottom. Frida found Robert to be very unappealing, and rebuked any thought of marriage with him.

Any possible marriage deal could not come through, as Frida's younger sister Lolita Goth was killed in a murder-suicide with her apparent lover. After her death Frida left Castle Goth permanently to move in the city with her boyfriend Diego.

Commoner statusEdit

Frida and Diego finally married, after being together for 12 years, in a quaint ceremony outside SimCity. As a result of this, Victor stripped Frida of all of her titles, her royal allowance, and removed Frida from the inheritance list.

Marriage life turned out to be more difficult than perceived because of the hardship that the Great Depression caused. Frida miscarried once in 1938 and gave birth to a stillborn girl whom she affectionately named Victoria that same year. Despite the hardships, Frida continued to work as an elementary teacher and librarian. She would take part in several philanthropic activities, eventually receiving the Noble Lifetime Award in 1953.

Later lifeEdit

In 1957, Frida's brother Samuel Goth managed to convince Gunther to restore Frida's noble rights. Gunther also decided to raise Diego to an earl. Despite this, they continued to live their normal lives in SimCity. They would only return to Sunset Valley when asked to do so.

After Diego's death in 1967, Frida decided to permanently move back to Sunset Valey, where she was welcomed in open arms by her brother. She would live out the rest of her days in leisure, until her death from heart failure in 1979.


The Honorable Lady Frida Goth of Antwerp (1903-1918)
Her Royal Highness Princess Frida of Sunset Valley (1918-1937)
Mrs. Frida Kahlo (1937-1957)
Her Royal Highness Princess Frida, Countess of Mayberry (1957-1979)