Queen Gretle of Sunset Valley
Gretle Goth
By right of birth, the Baroness of Battenburg

By right of marriage, the Queen of Pleasantview

Predecessor Otto Van Arbor
Successor Samuel Goth
Reign 1930-1940
House House Goth - House Van Arbor
Spouse Victor Goth
Issue Gunther Goth, Frida Kahlo, Lolita Goth, Samuel Goth

Father Otto Van Arbor
Mother Ermengarde Van Arbor

Queen Gretle Goth (née Van Arbor) of Sunset Valley (1878-1940) was the first queen consort of the Kingdom of Sunset Valley.


Ms. Gretle Van Arbor (1878-1897)
The Honorable Lady Gretle Van Arbor of Battenburg (1897-1899)
The Honorable Lady Gretle Goth, Baroness of Antwerp (1899-1918)
Her Majesty Queen Gretle of Sunset Valley (1918-1940)


Name Birth Death Notes
Crown Prince Gunther Goth 19011990Married Lady Cornelia Crumplebottom. Had issue.
Princess Frida Goth 19031979Married Diego Kahlo, Earl of Mayberry. Died childless.
Princess Lolita Goth 19081926Never married. Died childless.
Prince Samuel Goth19151981Married Olivia Hunter. Had issue.


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