Lord Crumplebottom, 2nd Earl of Simmerset
By right of birth, the Earl of Simmerset
Predecessor Frederick Crumplebottom
Successor Frederick Crumplebottom II
Reign 1911-1951
House House Crumplebottom
Spouse Beatrice Crumplebottom
Issue Beatrice Crumplebottom II - Belinda Crumplebottom - Frederick Crumplebottm II - Bianca Crumplebottom

Father Frederick Crumplebottom
Mother Callidora Crumplebottom

Lord Lirion Crumplebottom, 2nd Earl of Simmerset (1880-1911-1951) was a diplomat and member of the Council of Kings from 1922 to his death in 1951.

Lirion tutored both Princess Frida and Prince Gunther when they were adolescents.


His Grace Lord Lirion Crumplebottom of Yorick (1880-1911)
His Grace Lord Lirion, 2nd Earl of Simmserset (1911-1951)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Beatrice Crumplebottom II19222014Remained unmarried. Died childless.
Lady Belinda Crumplebottom19251966Remained unmarried. Died childless.
Lord Frederick Crumplebottom II19252023Married Lady Vicky Longfellow. Had issue.
Lady Bianca Crumplebottom19301975Remained unmarried. Died childless.


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