Her Royal Highness, Princess Morgana of Pleasantview
Predecessor N/A
Successor Victor Goth
Reign 1921-1935
House House Goth
Spouse Unmarried
Issue Childless

Father Bartholomew Goth
Mother Ravendancer Goth

Princess Morgana Goth, 1st Duchess of Cumberland (1871-1935) was the sole daughter of Lord Bart and Lady Raven.

Early LifeEdit

Morgana was born as the first child of the Baron and Baroness of Antwerp at Castle Goth. From birth she had a posh lifestyle, unlike her parents. By the age of 8, she was near fluent in both French and Spanish. By age 16, Morgana was a self-made intellectual. Her intelligence allowed for her to begin attendance at Sim State University in 1889, majoring in economics. She would later graduate first in her class (Magna Cum Laude) in 1893.

Question of MarriageEdit

As she returned from college, her position at Castle Goth became uncertain. Both her parents wanted her to marry, albeit in different ways. Her mother Raven was fine with Morgana marrying for love while her father Bart wanted her to marry into an influential family. A prime candidate for marriage was the Crown Prince Raul Aspir of Desiderata Valley. However, Morgana was uninterested and eventually Prince Raul found another suitor.

After another argument between herself and her parents, Morgana left home and would settle in SimCity. Despite the rift that formed between himself and his daughter, Bartholomew gave her an allowance of §5000 per month. She settled into a loft where she would live for much of her adult life.


After her father's death in 1899, Morgana's allowance was cut from §5000 to §800 per month. Morgana took her brother to court over the lowered allowance, but the Judge stayed in favor of Victor, citing that the money was legally obtained by him and he could do what he wanted with it. She was forced to move back to Castle Goth, where she would often have to breakup the arguments between her mother and her sister-in-law Gretle.

In the meantime, Morgana to continued to paint, read literature, and write poetry. She sold her first masterpiece for §1250 in 1909.

When Victor forced Raven out of Castle Goth, Raven inquired to Morgana about joining her at 13 Skyborough Blvd. Morgana was hesitant, and initially said no. She would reverse her decision after Raven's health began to fail her in 1913. She would handle the estate affairs on her mother's behalf until Raven's death in 1917. At the request of her mother, she decided not to to sell the property and would instead make it her new home.

Later lifeEdit

For his heroic and voracious acts during World War I, Victor was raised to a king by the Council of Kings in 1918. His immediate family (including Morgana) were raised to official royalty. In 1921, Victor made Morgana "Duchess of Cumberland", in hopes of saving their strained relationship. It didn't.

Morgana would paint, read, write and work through philanthrophy for the rest of her life. She would die of natural causes in 1935, right during the midst of the Great Depression. Her estates and artwork were inherited by her younger brother, Victor.


The Honorable Lady Morgana Goth of Antwerp (1871-1918)
Her Royal Highness Princess Morgana of Pleasantview (1918-1921)
Her Royal Highness Princess Morgana, 1st Duchess of Cumberland (1921-1935)