King Mortimer Goth of Pleasantview
Mortimer Goth
By right of birth, King of Pleasantview, Duke of Engelswich, Earl of Lothring, Marquis of Lirion, and Baron of Antwerp
Predecessor Gunther Goth
Successor Alexander Goth
Reign 1990-2016
House House Goth
Spouse Bella Goth - Dina Caliente
Issue Cassandra Dreamer - Alexander Goth

Father Gunther Goth
Mother Cornelia Goth

King Mortimer I of House Goth (1946-1990-2016) was the third king of Sunset Valley/Pleasantview. On his ascension, he changed the name of the kingdom from Sunset Valley to Pleasantview. During his long reign, Pleasantview expanded and acquired several pieces of territory through treaty and diplomacy; Bluewater Village became apart of Pleasantview proper.

Queen Bella disappeared one day while visiting her "friend" the Count Lothario. After her mysterious disappearance, Mortimer became more recluse and less trustworthy towards his peers. However, he would become well acquainted with his recently widowed sister-in-law The Countess Caliente. Mortimer would marry the Countess and have a daughter with her.

Not long after the birth of his daughter Elisabeth, Mortimer died of natural causes and was succeeded by his son Alexander Goth.


His Royal Highness Prince Mortimer Goth of Engelswich (1946)
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Mortimer of Sunset Valley (1946-1966)
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Mortimer, Duke of Engelswich (1966-1990)
His Majesty King Mortimer of Pleasantview (1990-2016)


Name Birth Death Notes
Princess Cassandra Goth 1971Married Darren Dreamer. Had issue.
Prince Alexander Goth 1990Married Christy Inada. Had issue.
Princess Elisabeth Goth 2005Unmarried. Childless.