Baron Otto of Battenburg
By right of birth, the Baron of Battenburg
Predecessor N/A
Successor Gretle Goth
Reign 1897-1930
House House Van Arbor
Spouse Ermengarde Van Arbor
Issue Gretle Goth

Lord Otto Van Arbor, 1st Baron of Battenburg (1855-1897-1930) was ruler of Battenburg from 1897 til his death. He was granted the barony by the Council of Kings on recommendation of the Emperor William Vanderburg.

Upon his death, his titles and estates went to his only child, Queen Gretle.


Mr. Otto Van Arbor (1855-1897)
The Honorable Lord Otto Van Arbor, Baron of Battenburg (1897-1930)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Gretle Van Arbor 18781940Married King Victor Goth. Had issue.


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