Lady Ravendancer Goth, Baroness of Antwerp
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Goth
Spouse Bartholomew Goth
Issue Victor Goth Morgana Goth

Lady Ravendancer, Baroness of Antwerp (1844-1917) was the wife of the Baron Bartholomew Goth. Born on Felicity Island to an unknown father and a destitute mother, she was not well liked by the other islanders. When the citizens from the mainland SimNation discovered the island 1862, she was both frightened and amazed. When she was offered a chance to go to the mainland, she took it. She would work as a maid in SimCity for the next six years, until she met and fell in love with the Senior Officer Bartholomew Goth.

Marriage & ChildrenEdit

Ravendancer and Bartholomew were married in the summer of 1868 and not long after, the two were raised as titled nobility. Even as Ravendancer scurried to learn the proper etiquette for a noblewoman, her bond with Bart remained as strong as ever. This bond would go on to produce two children: Morgana and Victor.

As a mother, Ravendancer paid close attention to the health and education of her children. She became particularly worried about Victor's seemingly frail health and opposed Bart's plans of enlisting him into the military. Bart ignored Ravendancer's request to keep Victor at home and make him scholar. On the other hand, Bart and Ravendancer also saw differently on what to do with Morgana. Raven wanted Morgana to marry who she wanted to whilst Bart wanted Morgana to marry into a wealthy and influential family.

At age 18, Victor enlisted into the army as a recruit. This devastated Ravendancer, and it strained the relationship between Raven and Bart. The two would separate (but never divorce) not long after.

Later lifeEdit

Ravendancer became widowed after Bartholomew died in 1899; she reportedly wept every day. However, upon his death she promptly moved back to Castle Goth. She became the head of household while her son was away. In doing so, she gained a new enemy; her daughter-in-law. The new rivalry became much more evident when decisions with Ravendancer's grandchildren cropped up.

For the next decade, an intense rivalry between Raven and Gretle divided the household. This was not resolved until Victor was informed of it by his spymaster. In 1911, Victor bought 13 Skyborough Blvd and promptly told his mother that would be her new home. Raven was so distressed by this act, she stopped corresponding to her family, save her daughter. She would later die of natural causes in 1917, one year before her son was raised from a lowly baron to a king.


Ravendancer (1844-1862)
Ms. Ravendancer Felicity (1862-1868)
Mrs. Ravendancer Goth (1868-1868)
The Honorable Lady Ravendancer Goth, Baroness of Antwerp (1868-1899)
The Honorable Dowager Lady Ravendancer Goth (1899-1917)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Morgana Goth 18711935Never married. Died childless.
Lord Victor Goth, 2nd Baron of Antwerp 18761946Married Lady Gretle Von Arbor. Had issue.