Duke Robert Crumplebottom of Yorick
By right of birth, the Duke of Yorick, Earl of Mace, and Earl of Dunbar
Predecessor Simon Crumplebottom
Successor Elmira Clamp
Reign 1941-1976
House House Crumplebottom
Spouse Victoria Crumplebottom
Issue Elmira Clamp - Anna Arneson

Father Simon Crumplebottom
Mother Prudence Crumplebottom

Duke Robert Crumplebottom of Yorick (1908-1976) was the son of Duke Simon and Duchess Prudence. He would later marry Lady Victoria of Coburg-Gotha and have two children with her.


Early lifeEdit

Lord Robert Cornelius Adolphus Crumplebottom was born as the second child and only son of the Earl and Countess of Mace. As a child, he did not excel in his studies and would often ignore the demands of his tutors.


After the death of Princess Lolita in 1926, the original betrothal between Princess Frida and Lord Robert was cancelled. Duke Simon searched for a possible replacement bride-to-be for his son; that replacement came in the form of Lady Victoria Coburg-Gotha. The couple were wed in the summer of 1928.

Later LifeEdit

Robert died from complications of pneumonia in 1976.


His Grace Lord Robert Crumplebottom of Mace (1908-1911)
His Grace Lord Robert Crumplebottom of Yorick (1911-1928)
His Grace Lord Robert Crumplebttom, 2nd Earl of Mace (1928-1941)
His Grace Lord Robert Crumplebottom, 3rd Duke of Yorick (1941-1976)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Elmira Clamp 19312006Married Sir Todd Clamp. No issue.
Lady Anna Arneson19341960Married Lord Arthur Arneson. Had issue