Time in Sims is relative in comparison to real life, but this timeline attempts to portray these events as accurate as possible.

Events of SimNationEdit

Early HistoryEdit

100sCE - SimNatives begin to inhabit most of SimNation
900sCE - Native civilization begins to decline due to warfare, disease, and natural disasters
1100sCE - Most SimNatives abandon the mainland and begin to move to smaller islands such as Wanmami Island and Felicity Island

Exploration AgeEdit

1512CE - Juan de Nunez (1465-1522) is the first from the Old Kingdoms to make a voyage to the new land. He continues to make trips to the mainland until his death a decade later.
1603CE - Admiral Malcolm Landgraab I (1560-1617) voyages to the new world, nearly a century after Nunez.
3 May 1603 - Admiral Landgraab charters SimCity as the first permanent settlement in the new world.
1605-1607 - General hostilities between the natives and the colonists leads to the 1st Colonial-Native War. The war ends in colonial victory; the natives are pushed out of their home territory.
1610 - With his newfound wealth, Admiral Landgraab builds the Chateau de Landgraab in Champs Les Sims
1614-1617 - 2nd Colonial-Native War breaks out between the natives and the colonists. Admiral Landgraab leads the colonial forces, until he is killed in a surprise attack by the natives. The natives are defeated once again, and are driven off much of the mainland.
1625-1632 - The Colonial Civil War as a result of the conflicts between the colonists themselves; the colonists had different languages, cultures, and ethnicities.
15 Sept 1632 - The Treaty of SimValley officially ends the civil war. SimNation becomes a peacefully existing confederation that is divided into four distinct kingdoms (Veronaville, Belladonna Cove, Desiderata Valley, and Twinbrook). The treaty also establishes SimCity as the semi-independent capital. The Council of Kings is vested as the central government authority.

New Nation, New ProblemsEdit

1651-1653 - Mysterious disease strikes much of SimNation; As much as 25% of the population is killed in the aftermath.
1667-1670 - Veronan-Belladonnan War: The two kingdoms feud over territory disputes. The confederation almost comes to an end, but the kingdoms eventually make peace and agree to expand in different ways. The 2nd Treaty of SimValley established two new kingdom: Hidden Springs and Riverview
1697 - The Council of Kings charter the Grand Duchy of Urbzville
1701-1714 - Succession Crisis of Verona: The King of Veronaville dies without a successor, and his closest living relative is the King of Twinbrook. The Council decides that Twinbrook and Verona should not merge and disallow the King of Twinbrook from claiming Verona. King William of Twinbrook declares war on the other kingdoms. For 13 years, the kingdoms quarrel over who should gain Verona. After an exhaustive war, King William relented and agreed to the 3rd Treaty of SimValley; Verona would be granted to a local noble and Twinbrook would in turn receive a substantial amount of territory. The war created the idea of a "balance of power" between the kingdoms. The kingdoms of Bluewater Village and Strangeville were created as a result of the treaty. The Grand Duchies of Miniopolis and Simtropolis are founded to maintain a balance of power.
1733 - Plague outbreak: approximately 10% dies as a result.
1754-1763 - War against British Aggression was a war between Britannia and SimNation for domination over sea. It would end in stalemate, but it established SimNation as a major power.
1770s - Industrial Revolution begins

Industrial AgeEdit

1793 - Unification Act is signed by the Council: the power of the individual kingdoms are diminished in favor of a stronger central government. The military, currency, and language become officially centralized.
1804 - The council agrees on creating the Kingdom of Bridgeport.
1811 - The council agrees on creating the Kingdom of Roaring Heights.
1820 - Legal system of hierarchy is established. It goes King -> Grand Duke -> Duke -> Marquis -> Count/Earl/Jarl -> Baron -> Sir -> Commoner. The Rules of Succession are established for all kingdoms to follow.
1826 - First large scale protests for democracy; most are crushed brutally.

19th centuryEdit

1833-1839 - First major economic depression strikes SimNation. This will throughout the 1830s and will make a lasting impact on economics through much of the century.
22 June-Aug 4 1841 - The Potluckers Revolt causes chaos in SimNation. Unemployed workers and disgruntled employees burn much of SimCity in an act of rebellion. The revolt is not put down until early August. Thousands are imprisoned and a select few are executed for the crime of treason.
1842 - Mystery disease strikes SimNation for the second and last (as of yet) time. About 3% of the total population is killed by the epidemic.
1844 - Workers strikes dominate much of the year, bringing economic growth to an end.
1848 - Revolution of 1848 comes a result of the widening gap of inequality between the rich and the poor. Much of the disgruntled populace joins in the revolution. On 7 Dec 1848, the Council agrees on the Lower Governmental Act; The House of Representatives is created as an elected body (made up solely of commoners) that is elected by popular vote. The House would act as the lower legislative body of the government. A prime minister will act as head of house and be in charge of much of the government affairs; prime ministers will be allowed to keep power until they resign or unless they lose the confidence of the house. The power of the Council is diminished and the Kings are subject to mostly ceremonial affairs.
1871 - The lower house votes to make the prime minister head of state as well as government. The Council block the bill, and in retaliation, raise the Grand Duke of SimCity to Emperor of SimNation.
30 June 1871 - A compromise is made between the two houses. The prime minister becomes the official head of government while the Emperor becomes the official head of state.
1880-1898 - Long period of economic growth and record low unemployment

20th centuryEdit

1898 - Recession of 1898 rocks SimNation. Unemployment and inflation both skyrocket.
1914-1918 - World War I
1918 - Kingdom of Pleasantview is established
1939-1945 - World War II
1946-1989 - Cold War