King Victor I of Pleasantview
Victor Goth
By right of birth, The King of Pleasantview, Duke of Cumberland, and Baron of Antwerp
Predecessor Bartholomew Goth
Successor Gunther Goth
Reign 1918-1946
House House Goth
Spouse Gretle Goth
Issue Gunther Goth, Frida Kahlo, Lolita Goth, Samuel Goth

Father Bartholomew Goth
Mother Ravendancer Goth

King Victor Goth of Sunset Valley (1876-1918-1946) was the first reigning king of Sunset Valley. He was born as the second child and only son of Lord Bart and Lady Raven in Castle Goth. Victor showed a bright intellect as a child and excelled in all of his classes. He quickly rose through the military ranks and became the youngest Commander of SimNation's armed forces. He would be given an honorable discharge and later be elected to Senator to represent Interhogan in the SimNation Senatorial House. A few years later, The Council of Kings voted to create a new kingdom and Victor was offered a position to become the kingdom's new king. He accepted the deal and became His Majesty, King Victor I of Sunset Valley. He would serve as Sunset Valley's king until his death of natural causes. He was succeeded by his son Gunther Goth.


The Honorable Lord Victor Goth of Antwerp (1876-1899)
The Honorable Lord Victor Goth, 2nd Baron of Antwerp (1899-1918)
His Majesty King Victor of Sunset Valley (1918-1946)


Name Birth Death Notes
Crown Prince Gunther Goth 19011990Married Lady Cornelia Crumplebottom. Had issue.
Princess Frida Goth 19031979Married Diego Kahlo, Earl of Mayberry. Died childless.
Princess Lolita Goth 19081926Never married. Died childless.
Prince Samuel Goth19151981Married Olivia Hunter. Had issue.