Duchess Victoria of Yorick
By right of birth, Lady Coburg-Gotha

By right of marriage, the Duchess of Yorick

Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Reign N/A
House House Coburg
Spouse Robert Crumplebottom
Issue Elmira Clamp, Anna Arneson

Father Albert Coburg
Mother Victoria Coburg

Duchess Victoria Crumplebottom (née Coburg) of Yorick (1904-1971) was born as the only child to the socialite Coburg-Gotha family. She married the Earl of Mace in 1928 and went on to give birth to two daughters.

She gained much influence in royal affairs after her sister-in-law and good friend Cornelia Goth ascended to the throne as queen consort in 1946.


The Honorable Lady Victoria Coburg-Gotha (1904-1928)
Her Grace Lady Victoria, Countess of Mace (1928-1941)
Her Grace Lady Victoria, Duchess of Yorick (1941-1971)


Name Birth Death Notes
Lady Elmira Clamp 19312006Married Sir Todd Clamp. No issue.
Lady Anna Arneson19341960Married Lord Arthur Arneson. Had issue.